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We have been working with individual investors in the gold, forex, stocks, and options markets for several years, and after talking to thousands of investors, we have been surprised by how easy it is to avoid the most common trading mistakes but how seldom investors are aware that they are sabotaging their performance. These problems tend to get worse when a particular market, such as gold, is very hot. The questions we get about gold from readers today are no different from the questions we got about stocks in 1999 or real estate in 2006, and the answers are also the same. consistent traders who avoid the hype and use a disciplined approach to the market with a focus on reducing costs and account volatility will be the most successful. promoting that kind of approach to the gold market is our mission, and we are very passionate about achieving our objectives.

We also can speak from personal experience as individual and professional investors. We know what it feels like to make trading decisions that are emotionally challenging. We have worked on the brokerage side of the business as well as being professional advisors, and we can tell you that there are plenty of traders who are investing very successfully in the gold market. The skills those traders used to make profits in the market are not a secret, and we can show you what they do and why they do it.

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