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Retire tax free with a Roth IRA

Securing a safe and stable future is on top of the list for all of us. Investing in the right retirement plans is the key to securing our life post retirement. Though Individual Retirement Agreements have always been prevalent, the Roth IRAs were brought into effect about 14 years ago to provide a tax-free earning and withdrawal retirement plan.


Your Investments can be in any of the following ways:

1. Mutual funds

2. Stocks and shares

3. Real estate investments, or

4. Currency


There may be more ways that you could opt for. It is best advised to seek help from your Roth IRA company guardian. With investments in a Roth IRA, you will be paying taxes in the year you make your contributions and earn tax-free savings in your retirement years.


However, there are a few conditions that need to meet the criteria to gain the benefits. These are:

1. The savings or contributions amount that you can put in your Roth IRA is limited to $5500 and $6500 for individuals of 50 years or older.


2. Individuals with a certain level of earnings only can invest in a Roth IRA. Those with a very high income do not qualify for a Roth IRA. Remember to enquire whether your income falls under the appropriate slab set up by the authorities for singles and married couples differently.


3. The age of the withdrawer should be more than 59.5 years to avail tax-free withdrawal advantage and should be a Roth IRA owner for at least a period of 5 years.


4. Withdrawals of a maximum $10,000 are considered tax-free only if the owner of the Roth IRA account uses it to invest in a residence for himself or his immediate family. This is also valid only if they do not own a residence for at least two years prior to withdrawal and hold the Roth IRA account for at least 5 years.


You may begin to wonder why a Roth IRA over a traditional IRA that is being used by many. The reasons are many.

1. Firstly, you need not worry about paying tax after retirement when you withdraw your savings. A Roth IRA requires you to do the same while making the investment. It is beneficial cause while you earn it is simpler to pay tax and fulfill full returns once you retire.


2. In case of a tragic death of the Roth IRA account holder, his or her spouse becomes the lone payee of the account. Unlike traditional IRAs, it also allows you to combine your own Roth IRA with that of your deceased spouse into one with no added charges. In Traditional IRAs, the beneficiaries are required to pay taxes on the retirement earnings and withdrawals.


3. Unlike traditional IRAs where you need to begin your withdrawals after you turn 70.5 years, your savings in a Roth IRA can continue to grow till as old as you can get. The choice is yours as to when you want to withdraw your retirement savings.


4. The USP of any Roth IRA is its tax structure rates and flexibility.


5. You can continue to add to your Roth IRA even after you retire. This is possible only in the case of Roth IRA, that too if you continue to work post retirement.

Overall, Roth IRAs are more flexible and rewarding than a traditional IRA and investing in the right type of IRA can largely determine your lifestyle patterns after retirement. Your retirement savings play a major role in your and your family’s life. Make sure to research well before investing for a protected future.




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